Looking for retailer/system integrator near the USA-Mexico border

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I need this list of Outback Power products wired into the FlexWare 500 enclosure. I was looking for alternative energy businesses in Mexico and so far could not find one that could bring this products in a reasonable amount of time, 4 month was the best offer. So I wonder if you guys that live in the US might advice me of a respected and trusted retailer or system integrator that could do this for me. I liked the Outback products and the way they integrate in one panel.
Since I would be traveling by bus it would be far easier for me to haul the whole panel as 1 piece than to try to juggle all the different components each one in its cardboard box, I am sure you all understand. Below is the list of things I need.
Also, if you could look at the list and point if there is something missing, I guess there could be some bits that I have missed.
Its one inverter for now leaving room for growth if needed in the future.
Outback FLEXware FW-MP Mounting Plate
OutBack FLEXware FW500-AC Power System 
OutBack FLEXware FW500-DC Power System
OutBack FW-IOB-D-120/240VAC FW500 Bypass Assembly
OutBack FW-ACA AC Conduit Adapter for FX Inverters
OutBack DCA DC Conduit Adapter for FX Inverters
OutBack Breaker PNL 150VDC 80A PNL-80-DC	2ea  (FM80 in/out)
OutBack Breaker PNL 150VDC/120VAC 15A PNL-15-AC/DC	4ea  (in FLEXware PV8 Combiner Box)
OutBack Breaker PNL 125VDC 100A PNL-100-DC		2ea (batt to inverter, only 1 wired)
OutBack FLEXware PV8 Combiner Box
OutBack VFX3648 Off-Grid Inverter
OutBack FLEXmax FM80-150V MPPT Charge Controller   (attached directly  to FW500DC)
OutBack HUB-4 Communication Manager
OutBack MATE2 (Black) System Controller and Display
OutBack RTS Remote Temperature Sensor
Delta LA302 DC Lightning arrestor
Delta LA302-R, AC Lightning arrestor


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    Re: Looking for retailer/system integrator near the USA-Mexico border

    Have you tried the forum host NAWS? They are in Arizona, which is closer to Mexico than to Canada (darn it!). Maybe they could ship to a "drop point" nearer the border. It's worth a shot.
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