Quickie PV Voltage Question

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I have 3 pairs of 12V KC 130's, (24V/pair) with the pairs wired in parellel. Most of the time the MX 60 reads 41 volts from this array. Is this about right?

Due to hitting a tree branch with my RV, I recently had the roof repaired. The PV's were removed and re-installed, but I can't recall the original set-up outputs, (which I wrote down somewhere around here...).

Bill had calculated/predicted my daily amp hour production, 239 Amps, almost to the amp, but, I don't recall the voltage outoput I was getting.

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    Re: Quickie PV Voltage Question

    KC120/130's are no load about 21 volts each, so two in series would be about 40 volts ( no load ). Under load at the maximum power point would be about 34 volts ( if panel tempature is 25C / 77F ).

    You could also wire them 3 in series, the 2 pairs and that voltage at be closer to the 40V your suggesting, at vmp and running hot probably ~ 43-46 volts. If your charging a 12 volt battery, either configuration would work. Less wiring with the 3 ( series ) x 2 ( parrallel )

    If you have 3 pairs, make sure each pair is fused before combining them for the charge controller
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    Re: Quickie PV Voltage Question

    Thanks a lot. Looks like they are set up right after all.