Sun Electronics Upright DC Fridge/Freezer

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Anyone have an opinion on Sun Electronics Upright DC 12/24v Fridge/Freezer, 7.4 cu.ft. For only $575 its way cheaper than any other DC fridge.


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    Re: Sun Electronics Upright DC Fridge/Freezer

    The general consensus in past discussions here, is that for most DC fridges you'll do better buying an equivalent AC fridge. The newest AC fridges are very close in power usage unlike 10 years ago. Parts, service and turnaround time are limited/non-existant/very long (weeks) for the DC manufacturers. Buy an extra panel or two with the money you save buy buying an AC fridge to make up for the extra load. If the AC fridge dies in 5 years and isn't fixable, after buying another AC fridge you will still be ahead of the curve financially, it will probably use less energy than the one it is replacing, and you can get a new one in a day or two.
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    Re: Sun Electronics Upright DC Fridge/Freezer

    We don't really recommend DC refrigerators and freezers unless no other option is avaiable. The newer Energy Star rated standard AC versions from such as Whirlpool, GE, etc are very efficient. I don't see an Energy Star rating for that particular unit. We prefer the SunDanzer line for 12 volt, but even though we sell them we still recommend looking at the option to use a standard AC powered version.