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    I can not see where anything I said was abrasive. I thought it might be interesting to others here. I did not say there was no other foundry that could not make these kind of castings but some could not meet the standards.  We had a good workforce that had much experience that could supply GE with their castings. IF you work and live  in USA and Canada how do you like your tax dollars subsidising other country,s such as china. Let China take care of their own country!!  and we can take care of our own country!!! I reread my post and did not see anything wrong with it unless you Just want to give away the farm.  In my area where I live the population is ageing and no one to pay the taxes because all the jobs for the young people disapeared to China and Mexico. So the young people had to move away from here.  One good thing that is good  for my area is we have more oil and gas than Saudia Arabia. Then the liberals do not  want us to use it. I only live about 30 some miles from the birth place of oil , Titisville, PA. They found that there is still plenty of oil there, just deeper than what was recovered before. It is all over eastern ohio and western pa. Some jobs are coming back because of the new found oil. There are pipe mills and machinery company,s ramping up.  The oil boom will make jobs and we can keep more money in our country instead of sending it to foreign. country,s.  Heck one of the castings we made was so heavy that the truck was so long that from the front to back of the truck it blocked the next intersection behind it while tractor waited  at the red light. I am not a troll . And if you do not like the BUY AMERICA Then just keep sending your money and jobs to China. PS Potbelly stoves  for One room school houses was  one of the first products that was made in HODGE FOUNDRY,  which is in Greenville, Pa. 16125 in case anyone wants to look it up. Thank you Solarvic
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    Lumisol 1 I did look up the single system crystal  casting  method you  that you mentioned.  They say you spin the mold while pouring the metal. I read about Wiseco cylynders bieing cast that way. I could see that with small castings but not large castings like I was talking about. I dop not think that method could be used for large castings like I have been talking about. The molds are so big that they use a tracked excavater to get the sand out of the molding pits. They have molding pits that are 15 feet deep and 30 feet in diameter. Some of the molds are15feet above floor level. Tell me how you are going to spin a mold that heavy and pour 50 ton ladels 2 at a time and they might pour 4 ladles in one mold.
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    Sorry solarvic. For the misunderstanding. 

    My response was in direct response to Lumisol.

    I really have very little issue with your posts over last many years.

    Trying to invite Lumisol to reread his posts. Maybe I am over sensitive. 

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    Thanks ANIMATT for the understanding. I guess maybe my post seemed enthusiastic but I did work at that Foundry for 33 years before I retired.  I received the solar world panels today and they sent me a different model than I thought I was getting but I am OK with that as the ones they sent me were $10 more per panel than the ones I wanted. I wanted to try the really dark black ones that are supposed to harvest more enegy than the blue ones.
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