Xantrex C-40 Solar charge controller


I am trying to setup a 500W system at my home using two 300W panel connected in series. The required panel voltage to generate maximum power is close to 37V with 8.2A. Thus, the total series volatge is close to 74V and 8.2A output. I want to use such a configuration to charge a 12V battery bank and I would like to know whether Xantrex C-40 solar charge controller serves the purpose?

1) When I read the tech specs of Xantrex C-40 charge controller, it seems it could handle maximum input PV voltage of 125V but it was not clear from the manual if it is a buck type solar charge controller. So, I would like to know if I am making the right choice for the controller?

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    Re: Xantrex C-40 Solar charge controller

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    the C40 is a PWM CC , to do what you propose you need a MPPT CC.

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