Mono- and Multi- Panel Compatibility?

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Can mono-chrystalline and multi-chrystalline panels be combined in an array if the cell numbers and power outputs essentially match in voltage, ampacity, and wattage? If so, can 2 panels or more of each cell type be combined in series and parallel in an array?

For example:
Multi-chrystalline specs are:
Cell quality: Grade A
Max Power: 120(W)
Max Power Voltage: 17.5(V)
Max Power Current: 6.85(A)
Open Circuit Voltage: 21.6(V)
Short Circuit Current: 7.50(A)
Max System Voltage: 1000V

Monocrystalline specs are:
Cell quality: Grade A
Max Power: 120W
Open Circuit Voltage: 21V
Max Power Current: 6.67A
Max System Voltage: 1000V


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    Re: Mono- and Multi- Panel Compatibility?

    Should not be a problem--They are all silicon based cells. So they will have very closely matching temperature constants for voltage.

    Note, I suggest that you parallel match Vmp to Vmp within 10% or series match Imp to Imp within 10%--We really do not worry about matching Watts as that is a derived unit of Volts*Amps.

    Note, you can also match 2 3.5 amp panels in series 7.0 amp panel, etc...

    However, when you start matching vastly dissimilar panels--You have to watch the series protection fuse... Some fuses may be 7 amps, and other panels require 15 amp protection fuse (to reduce the chances of fire).

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