any idea

can anyone tell me any specs on this mill. is there a diode built in? I was told that it was 800 watt. Im new to this forum and to alt energy. I am currently hooked to a battery bank. I am olny running my lights so far. right up till about 5 mins ago i had a 85 amp diode in line. no wind so i just took out the diode and to my surprise it is not turning. This is why i am wondering about it already having a diode in the turbine. if there is one in line already how many amps was i losing by adding the 85 amp on also? Thanks for any information that is given.


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    Re: any idea

    Generally, if you are not sure what you are doing, it is better not to disturb a working setup involving batteries... A good size lead acid battery (let alone a bank of batteries) can output tremendous amounts of current (more than can come out of your wall outlet, and they can make a very creditable DC arc welder)...

    So, I would put the diode back in the way it was for the moment.

    Next, typically wind turbines are not generators (wound similar to universal AC/DC brushed motors like you see in typical electric hand drills, car starters, or old (like 1960's and earlier) cars with brushed generators)--but they are alternators. And the typical alternator includes 6 diodes to rectify 3 phase variable frequency output into DC for charging the battery and running your loads.

    Having a another diode on your alternator to battery bank charging feed could be there for additional protection (against shorts and/or diode failures in the alternator), to prevent battery drain by the alternator's regulator (if it has one) when there is no wind, or other reasons (like preventing a short circuit from blowing a fuse/frying your wiring).

    Having the 85 amp diode in series may, or may not, affect how much power you get from the wind turbine. Without knowing the wind turbine model and/or being on site with a volt meter, it is hard to say much more (other than you might be losing between 10 and 80 watts because of the series diode (at maximum wind turbine output--at lower outputs, the losses will be less).

    Sorry--but that is about the best I can do right at the moment.

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    more info

    first off i would like to thank bb. for his responce.
    I put the diode in line when i first set up the windmill. I bought it seperatly, thinking i needed it. My turbine does not spin with the diode out, so i was wondering if i needed it. i am very new to this so any help would be great. My batteries are2 24 volt (1500 + or - a few pounds) which i broke down to 4 12 volt. again thanks for the help.
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    Re: any idea


    You are very welcome... I am not really sure how the diode is inserted into the circuit.

    If, it is installed in series with the lead from the wind turbine to the battery--taking it out (without shorting the two wires back together) will obviously stop current flow... So, I would assume that you connected the two wires together so that current would flow.

    Again, not knowing anything about your wind turbine, can't really tell what the presence or the absences of the diode in the circuit is doing for you.

    First recommendation is to always read the manual and follow the installation instructions. Adding/removing components may have direct effects (preventing the wind turbine from charging because the electronics don't know they are connected to a battery bank--and therefore goes into "emergency" shut down), or having secondary effects like the diode in series causes the battery voltage to read 0.2-1.0+ volts low (and dramatically undercharging your battery bank).

    I am not avoiding your question--but without having at least a model number and manual, it is hard to give accurate (and safe) information about your installation.

    About the wind turbine not spinning, there are several possible reasons...

    1. Mechanical break controlled by battery voltage--not likely, but possible I guess.

    2. Many small wind turbines allow a person to "shut off" the turbine when it is not wanted (being serviced, battery bank removed, wind storms in weather forecast). To do this, they put a switch in that will A) disconnect the battery bank and B) short the + to - leads of the wind turbine which puts such a heavy load on the alternator that the blades will only turn very slowly (few 10's of RPMs). This, however, cannot stop the blades from spinning.

    3. Furling--turn the tail or head such that the blades are not pointing into the wind--common on many older designs.

    4. The blade stopping/turning are not related to how you connect the diode--just random winds/chance as you are doing your experiment.

    Again, depending on the make/model of your wind turbine, make sure that you don't disconnect the battery bank/shunt load in windy conditions... Can cause the wind turbine to over-speed and shed blades (if there is no load and there is no over-speed protection in your unit).

    Sorry, I am probably telling you things you already know... But I do want you and your family to be safe. RE systems can bite you in surprising ways vs the "known" dangers with utility power.

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    Re: any idea

    Again thank-you BB.

    I bought the turbine from a guy 800 watt 12 volt was all i was told. i don't have a manual or a stamp or any idea of the make. the turbine turns fine no problem. all seems fine just experimenting. The diode which was in the line just before the positive terminal on the batteries block was taken out. still all is well. i just thought if the diode was taken out the power from the batteries would turn it, this didn't happen so i am assuming i dont need it in line. i have big batteries and need all the power i can get for charging. i would love to know the make model and specs. of this turbine. I can try to get a better (closer) picture of the turbine, and maybe someone will recognize it. Again thanks.
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