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Folks, I have just discovered this forum and have been reading and learning ... Thanks !!

I have a question ---

I am working up a Grid-Tied, battery backed design using XW6048, MPPT80-600, and Gen_Start.

I would like to implement an EPO (Emergency Power Off) for this.

The XW system indicates that one of its Aux inputs can serve as a 'shutdown'.

Do you know if this will shutdown ALL the components attached to the XanBus ?

If so, with one "red button", I can kill the inverter, mppt, and shutdown the generator.

thoughts ?



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    Re: Xw6048 - epo

    Welcome to the forum Tom,

    What do you want to shut down? My preference would be to kill the battery bank bus (battery bus/DC shorts are what usually worry me most with off grid systems)... That would shut down everything other than the AC generator output. Shutting down the AC from the genset and stopping fuel flow (electric pump and/or master fuel valve if gravity feed or propane)...

    Stopping just the AC output of the inverter (whether grid tied or off grid) does not seem (to me) to be "enough".

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: Xw6048 - epo

    The goal is to satisfy NEC "no more than six steps for shutdown".

    What I was wanting to do is have a "red button" near the Mains disconnect that would in one action turn off all the PV equipment.

    The XW documentation says it (the Remote Power Off) will turn off the inverter, and I am wondering if it will also command any/all XANbus attached devices to also turn off.

    This would be associated with the NEC required shut-down and disconnect of the system.

    With Mains disconnect and PV shutdown at the outside service entrance [2 steps].
    Then, inside the power shed we have physical (breaker) disconnects for the PV-in, INV-out [two steps].
    Finally, if wanted/desired, a disconnect of the battery bank [one step].

    Using the XW's RPO should turn off the inverter. But there are still other devices (gen) that may be active.

    So, wondering if the MPPT and GenStart respond to the shutdown command.

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    Re: Xw6048 - epo

    From the XW System installation guide:

    Regarding the RPO (Remote Power Off)
    " If the external switch is cleared (not pressed), the system can be enabled back from the front panel."

    This tells me that the RPO turns off the inverter. No Output. But the system still has DC power to it. It is in a sort of standby mode. I don't know if this is the same as either of the other two "Standby" modes. I believe the XW system AGS (Auto Gen Start) will automatically go to manual off which will shut off the generator if it was turned on by the AGS (either "Manual On" or "Auto"). If the generator was turned on on the generator set's own control panel it will remain running. (There may be some exceptions depending on which mode is used in the AGS menu.)

    This may satisfy the "Shut down" requirement but I doubt it will satisfy a "Disconnect" requirement.

    From the XW Opperation Guide:

    "The Standby button has two functions. The Standby button can disable inverting
    and charging for all Xantrex XW Series Inverter/Chargers in the system, or, when
    pressed simultaneously with the Exit button, can put the entire system into
    Standby mode.
    Pressing the Standby button produces the same result as disabling Invert and
    AC Charge from the System Settings menu on the Xantrex XW SCP. Pressing the
    Standby button momentarily affects only Xantrex XW Series Inverter/Chargers;
    it does not affect Xantrex XW Solar Charge Controller operation. After disabling
    inverting and charging with the Standby button, the system continues to pass
    AC input through to the loads, and "Stb” is displayed on the inverter information
    Pressing the Exit and Standby buttons at the same time puts the entire Xantrex
    XW power system (including Xantrex XW Solar Charge Controllers) into Standby
    mode. In Standby mode, the Xantrex XW Series Inverter/Chargers stop passing
    AC input through to the loads, and "Stb" is displayed on inverter information panel.
    After the keypress command to enter Standby mode, the Xantrex XW AGS
    (if installed) shuts down the generator (if it is running) after a cool-down cycle."
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