HY1000 Wiring question

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Hello all - just setting up the Windmax 1kw wind turbine with the new model charge controller and kind of befuddled by the fact that there are no markings on the connector of the turbine and the wires weren't color coded - all red. Also on the input of the charge controller under the section marked "Wind" there's 3 terminals marked U|V|W. I called the company I bought it from and the tech guy said any of the 3 wires from the turbine can go into any of the 3 terminals on the controller for the turbine. I found a few threads referencing the newer model charger but none referencing the wiring.

Anyone have any experience with the newer charge controller? All the youtube videos reference the older model and I want to make sure I have it hooked up right. All the rest went fine just this one part is confusing me. Also all references to this are curiously not covered in the manual so maybe the tech guy was correct and it's that simple...?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Re: HY1000 Wiring question

    I don't have any experience with the new controllers, but I agree with what the tech guy told you. The order would not matter with which of the 3 phase AC wires you hooked up. Any 3 of those wires turbine wires to any 3 of the terminals on the controller should be fine.

    I am very curious how this new controllers looks. Would you be able to post some pictures of the new controller?
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