Trace PC250 Charge Controller

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I have a 1999-vintage Trace PC250 charge controller that has started overcharging the batteries. I have four Astropower 120W modules connected in series (48V), eight Rolls S560 batteries (400 amp-hour), a Trace 4048 inverter, and the PC250. When there is full sun on the modules, the battery voltage rises to 61V or more. Periodically, the voltage will drop to 56 or 57ish in accordance with the bulk charge settings on the CC board. The DIP switches are set so that I have to manually equalize, but the voltage is rising to the equalization voltage. Is it time for a new charge controller, or is there something I can do to test the unit to find a setting that needs to be tweaked? Thanks.


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    Re: Trace PC250 Charge Controller

    Just my opinion but ... you need a new charge controller.
    If the Voltage were consistently off in one direction or the other then maybe you could tweak the settings to compensate. As it is, it sounds as though the operation has become erratic and unreliable.

    You should also check the batteries to make sure they haven't suffered.