Thank you to the Super Moderators, no really!

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Quote from Niel:

“at this point i think you should drop all discussion about your plug in inverter systems unless you can quell the safety concerns of those in the forum. you may continue to post, but i am going to say for you to not go into any aspect of your company or its products as well as any of the claims you are failing to prove. there are many aspects of solar you can ask questions on or try to help people on without dragging the controversy to here that started in another forum. if it is a matter of time for you to reveal that proof then you've got that time and you will be forbidden from pushing the matter until you can give this proof to the members on this forum. this is fair as it is exactly what you have asked for. i don't want to see you bring this up again until then or you will be banned for trying to market products on this forum that is not allowed to be done here whether they are certified or not. btw, when you think you have this proof you can run it past the mods and administrators here of it first and if you bypass us and it turns out to be no proof or inconclusive that you run the risk for an instant ban.
participate and contribute in a positive manner and all will be fine. i don't want to see any chaos or troubles emanating from you. do keep in mind that it is the moderators and administrators of this forum that determine the validity of proofs or conduct and not you. another stipulation shall be for you to use 1 username regardless if at the same ip address or not as multiple usernames is a ploy for marketing and we will automatically ban you if we see this again from you.
this is not harsh or unfair if you are coming from the good direction you say you are and this is my warning to you so take heed of it. as it is you have shown us enough to ban you for marketing tactics on this forum and you have not been contributing in any way other than to argue over your products' validity and argue over supposed treatments you have gotten on other forums which we don't care about for we had nothing to do with it.
as you now you have an imposed restriction on your activity here as a 2nd chance to you, this thread will now be locked to insure that this won't be dragged up again by its continuance. if we receive proofs the thread may then be reopened.
to the membership- do not drag this up either as that is baiting him to participate and would be unfair to his being given the opportunity for a 2nd chance”

Quote from Tony/Icarus:

“Ok folks,, we are by my count on the third thread on this topic. I politely ask that we not continue on this thread, unless and until real, new information comes forth. Specifically, Justin has made it clear how he feels about his product, but until he can produce NEC chapters that allow such an installation, and complete UL listing info for his products, there can be no value in proceeding further. So fair warning,, if this continues, these posts will be deleted, and what ever other action that myself, the administrator and the other mods decide is needed!
We can disagree without being disagreeable, but one very disagreeable trait is beating a dead horse!
Nuff said?”

From ME: Let me just say THANK YOU to the super moderators Niel and Icarus, I pretty much agree with most of what you said. I don’t intend to post anything related to the product discussed until I have something more substantial, it HAS become beating a dead horse I agree! Let me apologize to anyone who felt like I was attacking them or misleading them. I honestly/originally started on this forum just trying to get a conversation going to gauge how much interest there seemed to be, and then I felt with some of the hostility toward me that I should defend myself. People on this forum are passionate about green energy, and if I had known the response I was going to get I would have waited to post anything until I could satisfy everyone’s questions better. So until then, I look forward to contributing to this forum in a positive way. If anyone has questions about said mentioned product, please wait until I have more info before posting, even if I wanted to respond (which I don’t lol) I would be banned, as has been warned. So until then, let’s agree to move on to unrelated solar news/talk on other threads, and let’s try to be respectful and open minded of all non-spam forum members, I think we can all agree it’s the right thing to do


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    Re: Thank you to the Super Moderators, no really!

    Who kidnapped Justin Chew?
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    Re: Thank you to the Super Moderators, no really!
    Ralph Day wrote: »
    Who kidnapped Justin Chew?

    lol i'm half-famous on this forum, but not in a good way :roll:
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    So where is the ul listing it's been 6 years no doubt it's been copied?
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