Mptt wind charge controller

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I am looking for a mptt charge controler for my 24v 700 turbines which I have two.

Is there or out there that will allow me to connect them both to one controller.

Any help I appreciate


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    Re: Mptt wind charge controller

    I don't think you would be very sucessful trying to use one MPPT controller to control two wind turbines. You need to match the curve to each turbine as they would probably not match/track each other's RPM's (each would need its own controller to match its present RPM/Torque, etc.).

    Also, I believe that a true Wind MPPT controller keeps track of the RPM from the pulses of the rectified alternator output. Two unsync'ed alternators would confuse the tracking/maximum RPM programing control.

    The only true MPPT wind controller that is shipping (that I am aware of) is the Midnite Classic system. Includes MPPT controller and dump loads/dump control. Not going to be cheap. But, from earlier reports, you can get 2-3 times more energy. A couple of the Midnite folks do post here--so they can probably help you with more information. Or you can try their forum too.

    NAWS Midnite page (may have to call NAWS for wind controller version pricing/availability) home page
    Midnite Forum

    Lastly if you want to do your own experimentation... What is the unloaded maximum voltage of your turbine?

    If it is less than ~140-150 VDC, you could look into a MorningStar TS 45 MPPT controller. I wonder if your connect the controller to a wind turbine if it will track the output fast enough to accurately do MPPT control of the turbine(???).

    Wayne from NS Canada uses a the 15 amp MPPT MorningStar Solar Charge Controller on his micro water turbine (around 150 watts 24x7) and has been very happy with the results. In his case, the turbine maximum voltage is less than the ~70 VDC input max of the controller, and his turbine will not over-speed to destruction if it is unloaded (probably has the MPPT charging voltage set much higher than his battery bank voltage--may have some sort of, perhaps manual, dump loads since the turbine is relatively small).

    You would need to do more research if this is even possible/practical--I do not know the details and would have to do the same thing if I was interested (no wind/water power at my home).

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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