DC to DC voltage booster

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Is there a DC to DC voltage booster out there anywhere that could boost 14.4vdc to about 18vdc and supply about 20 amps for battery charging and accessory operation?
I have kind of a weird auto motive application for it:
Run a gear reduction starter with stacks of 5 serriesed A123 cell LiFePO4 batteries, the coolant pump and fans would see occasional 16-18 volt useage, but would normally be ran at 14.4vdc, like everything else.
Running the electric coolant pump and fans would be for high load hot day operations.
The electric cooling pump and electric fans are not stock and approved to run on a 16vdc (18v charging voltage) battery system.

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    Re: DC to DC voltage booster

    We have a new poster that wrote:
    I run a Sterling Power Procharge-B on boat, between the starter battery and the radio battery so my radio battery is completely isolated on it's own from my start battery, but it
    still gets charged up by this waterproof battery charger every time I turn on my boat key.

    This thing runs thru 3 stage multistage charging while my boat is running on the water. I installed it, and my radio cranks.


    It was pretty easy to install, but I was nervous about how it worked so I called the guys at Sterling Power. They seemed nice and actually returned my call.
    I attached the manual I downloaded from their site.

    I'm going to add a 24v trolling motor bank and add a 12v to 24v model they have, but I havent got to that project yet. I'll post again when I do-

    These are DC to DC battery chargers (12 to 12 volt battery or 12 to 24 volt battery chargers--At least from my quick look at the above link).

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    Re: DC to DC voltage booster

    Vicor makes some excellent DC to DC electronics. Here's one with programmable current regulation and adjustable float voltage.