Battery charging Current


I have a question regarding battery charging .....
for example 12V/33Ah battery connected to 100W panel .......the designed controller board will charge the battery with 3.3Amps no problem but if replace the battery of spec 12V/4.5 Ah panel will be over rated is there any way to find charging current ... according to battery AH or i need to change the design it self......


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    Re: Battery charging Current

    It depends on the battery honestly. Each manufacturer has their own set of reasonable charging currents, typical maximum rates are 15%-30% of the rated capacity of the battery but some say they can take charging currents of up to 100% or higher (not sure that anyone here has actually done that or would recommend it though). You need to check with the battery manufacturer to get that number ideally.

    As to what is ideal for the battery, that also depends a bit on the specific battery, and the specific use of the battery. For example a battery that's being deeply discharged will likely benefit from a bit higher charge current and voltage, whereas a battery that is mostly in float will likely live longer with a bit more "gentle" charging current and lower voltages. Again most battery manufacturers will give you a range of charge current and voltage set points, so you can dial things in to ideally suit what your specific situation.
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