advice needed 600watt ari turbine

hello i am new hear.

ok so currently i have a 400watt pv grid tie setup.
purchased a 600w ari turbine after some research it was a good deal. this is my problem, seeing that the turbine generates ac the charge controller rectifies it into dc 48 volt for charging batteries. the controller will not allow dc current to charge unless it has 46 volts and up. i have a deep cycle 12 volt battery and for testing. is there a way to trick the controller into seeing 48 volts and bumping it down to 12 volt?

in the end i wanted to build a rectifier for it and run it into my pv grid tie system. until then before i install the turbine on the 45f tower i want to make sure it is running correctly turning the turbine with a mill "at slow speeds" and monitoring the volts and amps it is generating.:confused:

if anyone has advice on the best setup running the turbine into a grid tie inverter open for any suggestions.


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    Re: advice needed 600watt ari turbine

    Tell us a bit more a out your hardware , like grid tie inverter type, panels, etc.

    Generally wind takes a separate inverter from solar. Wind is very variable and solar usually uses a mppt tracking algorithm that would be in conflict with the winds variability.
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    Re: advice needed 600watt ari turbine

    ok so i have decided to rule out my solar panels for now. and have a dedicated system for the turbine. i have completed the rectifier for the At wind turbine and tested it with the solar gti. with no luck, as soon as the blades started spinning fast enough the inverter would start and the blades came to a halt.
    correct me if i am wrong but is this because i am not using the charge controller? or because the gti is a solar gti "witch it sayes on the back solar/wind" is it possible that the turbine needs its own special controller to run, a simple 3 phase ac gen? or i need to spend 200$ on a wind gti.
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    Re: advice needed 600watt ari turbine

    You probably need to spend $200 on a wind GT Inverter...

    While a few people here have built their own wind turbines, you might find more extensive help here:

    Wind Power Links (good forum for DIY Wind Power)
    Hugh Piggott - Scoraig Wind Electric site for tons of info (from mike90045) (added from "russ"--Like here but more wind/less solar)

    Hope they help.

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