My 12 volt grid tie system

Thomas Solar Expert Posts: 291
is doing just fine. It is all clean, neat , presentable, insulated, fireproofed, weather proofed, climate controlled, metered, and getting cold. The connections are anti-corrosion greased and tight, I had to use two metals at some junctures.(tin/copper)I only use the it when the suns' out because the battery is too small for anything but light ballast/capacitance function. I can get some time after-hours with it but it really is not worth mentioning(at 5A). I get such a percent of my bill eliminated because I do practice energy conservation and my load is low, and load type/ "carbon footprint" whatever that really is, I don't do resistive loads!!!!
Save a water heater on a timer. On a separate circuit from the grid tie inverter, just so they do not get their wires crossed. Thankyou for your time
Always troubleshoot with adequate sunlight.  Hi Ho Hi Ho
2.3kW [10] Enecsys SMI-240-60 micro inverters