Brand new Air-X Land 12 years of staorage

ThomasThomas Solar Expert Posts: 291
Hello, I am new to this forum stuff, My problem..
My air-x had no out put when I finally installed it. The red light would not come on at all.
After trial and error I have all the lights working,
2 blinks for my battery
fast blink for my panels, and breaking.
I cannot get the red light on without the drill!
The unit was out of warranty by the time I got the time to install it so I decided to try to fix it.
I discovered that different combinations of the stator phase wires got various resistances and the red light, at least on the drill.
I have exhausted my options as I see them to finally get the air to spin in the wind AND have the light on IAW the blinking one.
The only way to stop the blades right now is to connect my panels, the stop switch will not stop it.
I do really want to maintain the air x mppt charger. I think all is well with it save the stator wires.
pls. dont ask why the stator wires...I DON'T KNOW. I only know it the variable that has it working at all... thanks
bought new on e-bay, kept in storage for a few years.
Always troubleshoot with adequate sunlight.  Hi Ho Hi Ho
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