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I want to connect a wind turbine Whisper 200 has an inverter SMA Windy Boy 1100LV for injection network
is what someone would have already done this type of connection
the turbine is multi-voltage: 24,36,48 V
What is the best for this type of power inverter
the inverter must be set according to the wind turbine, it must learn about the power with respect to the voltage supplied: it must be given 7 points
thank you for your help


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    Re: whisper 200

    The SMA windyboy is a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) GT connected inverter... So, assuming that the output voltage of the wind turbine does not exceed the input voltage rating of the inverter, you should not have to choose anything (look at the MPPT range of the Sunnyboy--that needs to overlay the optimum power output range of the wind turbine).

    The Wind Turbine sounds like it has a voltage regulator (either inside, or external down at the battery bank). You should not want the regulator at all--but instead connect the rectified output of the turbine directly to the input of the Windy Boy.

    The Windy Boy will then adjust Current (and voltage) from the wind turbine for optimum power output.

    This is, probably, not a simple project. You need to review the schematics of the turbine and its output parameters (maximum voltage/current) and the input requirements for the windy boy.

    Also, you need to understand how the wind turbine speed will be controlled and how it prevents over speed (furling, feathering, electrical braking, mechanical braking, etc.).

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    Re: whisper 200

    I called my good reseigné sma that the procedure for configuring the UPS software ...
    but I have one very important thing to find for the proper operation of the turbine is to learn the software sma: I have to give seven operating points (voltage according to power), and coeficients of return
    without these settings it will not work
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    Re: whisper 200

    Isn,t that a southwest wind power turbine? You should call them and ask them for the info you need. Solarvic
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    Re: whisper 200

    I called the manufacturer who said he had no answer
    I want to make power measurements and power when the wind turbine charges the battery and then enter the values ​​in the inverter
    I guess the starting voltage is 22V and the max voltage is 29V 1000W for
    I still need 4 more points
    if somebody has already made electrical measurements it would be nice to help me
    thank you
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