Duromax 8500 a good choice?

Hello all,

My father is looking for a four stroke generator that can supply at least 5000w peak power. He utilizes grid power and his intentions are to use a generator only in the event of a power failure.

After reading many recommendations on the Honda 2000 along with the fact that two can be daisy chained together, I told him that it might be a great idea.... and the fact that he could disconnect one and take it with him in is travel trailer if he wanted.... but he didn't like the price and told me he probably would never take it on his travels..

He mentioned that he's got his eye on the the Duromax 8500 unit with electric start, which is important to him.

Does anyone have any feedback as to why he should or shouldn't purchase this unit? The price seems right for his application, would you agree?

All replies are certainly welcome!


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    Re: Duromax 8500 a good choice?

    No worse or better than any of the other el cheapo disposable generators, mostly made in China.

    Here's another he might consider: Champion http://www.championpowerequipment.com/generator.php These are marginally better than some of the others. Marginally.

    Mostly these bargain units are meant for occasional short-term use, and when they go they've pretty much had it. Even the Powermate (powered by B&S) suffers the same fate. It is usually the engine that gives up, and the cost of having them repaired tends to exceed the cost of replacing them.

    With any stand-by generator you should check it at least once a month to make sure it still works. Otherwise it may not when you need it to.
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    Re: Duromax 8500 a good choice?

    And electric start on backup generators don't have a good record of reliability. Thing is, we might go for a couple of years or more between outages, and being human, when the power stays on, the generator is the last thing on our minds, so the starting battery sits there, slowly self-discharging and sulfates. Then one day you need it, so you head out, find the generator under that pile of junk, press the starter button, and guess what - - nothing happens :cry:
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    Re: Duromax 8500 a good choice?

    Part of this is size of genset... I don't think you will find many (any?) electric start generators under 3kW.

    And, while it is nice to be able to parallel a pair of euX000i gensets--I probably would go for the larger genset if your average load is greater than that supported by the single euX000i genset.

    Also--what are your fuels sources/storage situation... Propane will keep forever but is bulky and requires one or more tanks. Can be shared with your home cooking/heating.

    Natural gas is cheap and pretty reliable--My end of the world event is an earthquake--so I have discounted using natural gas.

    Diesel is pretty safe (and messy) to store. Keeping it long term can have problems (water, algie, etc.). If you have a diesel car/truck--you can share with your vehicles.

    Gasoline. I add stabilizer and change once a year (so for, for the most part, it has been a good "investment" to use 1 year old gas in my vehicles). Can be used in genset, or vehicles, or even multi-fuel stoves (so can diesel).

    For me, I am trying to minimize my power needs, then keep the genset small, then I don't need to store too much fuel (20 gallons should last me for 10 days with the eu2000i--plus I can siphon from the car or put in car for bug-out).

    Once you have made all of those decisions/check marks on your list--then start looking for a genset. At this point, I am thinking about getting a second eu2000i both for my in-laws, and as a cheap backup for my first nearly 10 year old eu2000i with zero hours on it).

    I have a second cheap 3.5 kW (maybe 5kW, don't remember) genset both for backup and loaning out to neighbors (if needed/makes sense). But it sucks so much fuel and makes so much noise, I would not ever consider running it unless there is no other choice.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: Duromax 8500 a good choice?

    A pair of eu 2000 hondas would be a great solution. Keeping fresh fuel, they start on the first easy pull, so rope start is just fine, even for those of reduced strength.

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    Re: Duromax 8500 a good choice?

    Thank you all for the information. I will pass everything to my dad for him to process.

    He and I appreciate it.