First time solar dummie { posting #!}

I live fulltime in a motorhome just outside Phoenix Arizona [HOT & SUNNY ] area rated at 6 hours full sun most every day [ air temp. is what it is ] I only have room for 6 solar modules, and 4--- 12volt solar battery's. If you were me what size solar modules [ watts-volts-amps ] and what [series/parallel] array string would you use. I have a Xanter xw-mppt-60a-150v charge controller. I have found solar battery's by concorde PVX-258OL amg 24hr rate 258 amp hours . I also have found 50watt to 4500/9000 watt DC to AC 12volt and 24volt 110/120 volt pure sine wave inverters. I will use what i can during the day plus keep the battery's charged for night time use. trying to save gas running generator. looking for 110/120 volt system only, 12volt in motorhome runs on separate system. If this site message window to small, please send to [email protected]. THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE ME


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    Re: First time solar dummie { posting #!}

    Is it just me, or does this posting look familiar? :roll:
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    Re: First time solar dummie { posting #!}

    Asking the same question, over and over again, expecting a diffent answer is the definitions of,,, oh well you know!
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    Re: First time solar dummie { posting #!}


    However, we now know the OP is in the PHX area, with 6 hours of sun, guess that is for the Summer, AND, gone are the refs to the 5K/9K 12/24 V inverters. Some progress.

    dd, thanks for the added info.

    Off Grid systems can be very expensive. One secret to success is knowing YOUR POWER LOADS. And replying to questions helps keep the responders in the game of to trying to help you.

    With the exception of the "1000 watt A/C", do you have a way of measuring your power loads? -- Like a Kill-A-Watt meter?

    Do you know anyone in your area that uses an Evaporative (Swamp) Cooler?

    Would you entertain using this type of cooler in the Summer ?

    Perhaps the Monsoon season is too HUMID), but perhaps on more normal days a Swamp cooler might work well for you.

    Regarding this type of cooler, If that cooler consumed several gallons of water per day, would this be a problem for you to supply?

    More later, thanks for answers to these and other questions that have been asked.

    Good Luck, Vic
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