sw4024 generator start information wanted

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Hello All.

I have the Xantrex SW4024 and I'm using it for off grid only. I wanted to get a generator and utilize the automatic start option for my batteries if they need to be charged due to low voltage. I will NOT be using the generator for large loads.

From what I have read, (if I read it right) I should be looking for a 2 or 3 wire remote start generator.

I've called my local Honda dealer (as recommended by Xantrex) but they tell me their remote starts for the generators are 4 or 5 wire.

Can anyone tell me what type of generator I can use, wiring diagrams and or step by step instructions on how to do this etc etc etc.

Reading the Xantrex owners manual the principal of the hook up seems relatively simple but I'm getting confused on the actual wiring. For example, which wires do I use and how do I determine this.

Thanks very much for your help.


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    Re: sw4024 generator start information wanted

    I'm not sure how thw 4/5 wire start works but if the Zantrex hasn't changed since the old Trace sw4024, There are 2 relays. One can be configured for a 2 wire start. Closed Gen runs, open it stops. 3 wire uses that relay plus another. With a common wire, one relay is momentary start (until the inverter senses voltage) while the other is closes until the voltage goes away. I run an Onan NHD6500 with the Trace, three wire start. I have a delay relay on the start side as it takes longer for the oil pressure to come up and the onan has a low pressure shutdown.

    You need to figure out whats needed to conver from 4/5 to 3. What does the Honda do with the 4/5 wires?

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    Re: sw4024 generator start information wanted

    Thanks for the reply Bruce.

    I've contacted the local Honda dealer here and they're not sure what the 5 wires are for. Either that or they don't want to tell me. They actually faxed me a copy of schematics for the Honda EM5000SX but the wires are not listed or labled. I called Honda and they are reluctant to give me the information because it will void the warranty for the generator.

    So, in saying that, I was curuios if someone out there has wired a 2 wire generator to this inverter. If they have, what model #, how they did it etc.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: sw4024 generator start information wanted

    I have the euro spec SW3024E and was going to wire up a diesel genset which started and stopped on a key switch. i was just going to replicate the 3 wires in the switch. position one was run position 2 was crank on the switch.basically like a car ignition switch . I had purchase 2x 12v relays to use sadly my Chinese genset went poof:cry: be4 I could do it. HTH
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    I have the two wire start and it starts fine but will not stop what do I have set wrong??
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