850 Wind Turbine

Did anyone purchase this Wind Generator 850 Wind Turbine 12/24/48V, PM motor
priced @ $159.95 (ebay) I wonder why this is so cheap compared to other product. Any comment? Thanks.:roll:


  • CariboocootCariboocoot Banned Posts: 17,615 ✭✭✭
    Re: 850 Wind Turbine

    Don't know what one you mean specifically. Brand? Model? (Please do not provide e-bay link as they disappear quickly).

    Short version: $159 isn't going to buy a viable wind turbine. Most likely a modified car alternator, and probably sans blades. Even good turbines have difficulty performing under most site conditions. And for a good one you can multiply that price by 10 or more.
  • NewYorkManNewYorkMan Registered Users Posts: 19
    Re: 850 Wind Turbine

    This is not a wind generator. It is a piece of plastic that MIGHT make a nice lawn ornament. $159 does not even come close to getting you a generator head that can make 850 Watts! Not even close.

    This is a scam. My first wind turbine purchase was a 1500 Watt car alternator wind turbine that I bought on ebay. The kind that uses the modified Delco car alternator. That was a scam also. The most I ever saw was around 200 Watts in high winds. Stay away from Delco wind turbines also unless 200 Watts in high winds is good enough for you.
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