Horrible Chinese wind/PV diversion and inverter?

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Has anyone else seen one of these? A customer just brought one of his three (!?!) in.

It appears to be a unit consisting of about half of an inverter (no transformer but the AC out is connected?!) and a diversion load controller, two load resistors, a 3 phase rectifier for the turbine, and two cooling fans... which were not wired up at the factory.

It apparently worked until the diversion load actually tried to dissipate some energy, at which time the entire box became roasting hot!

The rectifier board has five bridge rectifiers on it.

I have never seen anything this awful before. Seriously. The rectifier and resistors look good, but everything else is total bunk!!




The cooling fans with wires neatly cut off right at the fan frame


The big green resistors are 1000W, 0.9 ohm, two in series.

All the pics and fullsize images:

It almost seems like it'd be an okay product if they wired up the cooling fans and either fully implemented or completely removed the non-functional inverter stuff.


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    Re: Horrible Chinese wind/PV diversion and inverter?

    Hi there,

    Yes I have seen 5 of them every one of them broken. In fact 4 of them are broken the fifth remains in the box it came in, not worth the fitting. They came with 24V 500W SWG wind turbines that I had the misfortune of buying. As far as I can remember the 4 that I opened up all had burnt out mosfets, one was even 12V supplied as 24V. The funny thing is about them is they look very good quality units, pity they dont work. SWG the company that sold me the units refused to replace or comment. I gave up and used the resistors out of them with some bridge rectifiers and Xantrex to control the turbines. Not that it mattered the turbines would have needed gale force winds to get anything useful from them, and if they did they would vibrate themsevelves to an early grave.

    You live and learn, well at least that is how the saying goes.
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    Re: Horrible Chinese wind/PV diversion and inverter?

    Thats why I have avoided this stuff from China. If it goes bad you likely have no recourse.
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