Air X Marine output

I'm new to this forum so please forgive me if I am covering old ground.
My ARXM-1 Air X Marine wind generator has paperwork showing it should generate 400 watts. If I remember correctly, watts = volts times amps. correct? If so, since this is a 12 v generator, it should put out about 30 amps max. We are only seeing output of 5-6 amps maximum. Is my math bad or is there a problem we need to address?


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    Re: Air X Marine output

    Welcome to the forum.

    At what wind speeds are you seeing the 5-6A maximum output?

    From what I've seen and read in the past, Air-X wind turbine do not put out much power unless the wind is really blowing hard. I think it's rated 400W at over 28mph. That's a strong wind.
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    Re: Air X Marine output

    Change the paperwork; it's easier than getting an old Air-X to put out its rated Watts. :p
    Unfortunately they are well-known for not making their advertised power.
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    Re: Air X Marine output

    And what voltage rating / model do you have? 12/24/48 volt?

    For some reason, the Air X seems to have disappeared from the SWWP website.

    Also, how high is the turbine mounted and is it in non-turbulent air flow?

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    Re: Air X Marine output

    A relevant quote from forum member Sailor in another thread:
    These generators start making more than 1 amp at 12-15 mph, and the output curve increases in a logarithmic fashion; you have say 1A out at 13 mph, but at 15 mph, you will be seeing say 5A, but by 20 mph, you will see 18-20A. The most I have ever seen on my AirX Marine is 38A, in 35 kts of wind.

    35 knots is about 40 mph, and it's unlikely you'll experience steady winds like that. This is the basic problem with small-scale wind power; enough sustained wind to produce practical amounts of power tends to be unpleasant to live in.
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    Re: Air X Marine output

    you are correct that it is usually low in output, but it is supposed to attain 400w just before it cuts off production due to high winds. i thought the cutoff was 28a, but i am probably remembering wrong as 28a at 12v is 336w. pretty useless for the costs and power produced.:roll: i guess you noticed that it does not go into production right away after it hits that high cutoff point so gusty days will yield little to no power.
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    Re: Air X Marine output

    AIR X are close to useless as bought unless you are in the windiest place on earth.. BUT if you change the blades over to a 5ft 6 blade set,, wonderful things do happen . you will get usable power in quite small wind .and it will produce more than 400w in very strong winds . In fact the over speed regulator may not be capable of slowing it down adequately.but that wont happen often, Another thing that you have to do is make a much bigger and longer tail at least one that is 1sq ft. or it will get out of control in gusty wings and break the blades on the mounting post.. or alternatively you can tie the tail into one position that it usually faces and that will also solve the gusting problems.
    They are not as bad a generator as many claim.. most problems of low output are simply the same problems all wind generators suffer from. owners having grossly overestimating the available winds. They stan outside their house and feel wind on the face and instantly think "wow" I can put up a wind genny and power the neighbourhood. it aint gunna happen.
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    Re: Air X Marine output


    I owned an original Air-X Marine, owned because although I do still have the turbine, I've modified it. Mine is a 24v model and I used to see an average of 10amps i.e. 240W output in good wind. SWWP in fact, now changed the power out of their Breeze turbine (which is very similar to the Air-X) to a more realistic ~240W .
    Forget about the momentary wind gust which used to put out > 30amps.... since after that the turbine will enter into stall mode and you'll lose precious power :grr
    As others have said, the 400W figure came from more than perfect laboratory test conditions. Depending on your height, the 5/6 amps you're seeing is quite reasonable output I'm afraid.

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    Re: Air X Marine output

    I put the provided regulator in half and hooked up my oun rectifier to my Land version. I am starting over with 12 volts, no regulation, save stop switch, overload battery. I will buy OEM DIY in line components to replace Air-X regulator. I will probobly put bigger blades on, I think the Air is a good investment to let go of.
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    Re: Air X Marine output

    Thomas read my post #7:p:cool:
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    Hi, Not sure if this blog is even still open. I got a older Air X wind generator at a yard sale, it needs blades, but I don't know which model it is, the only number is stamped on the end where the pole would go in, and it is: 19560 I don't want to order the wrong blades, thanks for any help!! I would post a couple pictures, but not sure how...
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    Right above the comment box here are all these different symbols/icons, Click on the one that looks like a picture

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    Good day all, sorry about posting on such a old thread, I have a air X 48 volt, pole height is around 5 or 6 meters( sorry about metric) it used to have digital shunt meter but was informed that it would loose power if measurement was taken through negative, no idea why this would be.

    I have installed old analogue 10 amp meter on positive side and in 30 km winds I get no movement on needle when gusting just touches 1 amp then is gone, wind turbine led indicator shows steady for charging and when batteries are full it shows steady pulses for stall, so electronics seem to be fine, is there anything else to check.

    Old digital shunt recorded 1320 watt hrs after 3 years.

    Thank you
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    Welcome to the forum Frogsta,
    You should start you own discussion, and we can focus on your Q&A... Anyway, more information will be helpful. Is this your turbine?

    1,320 WH after 3 years... If you assume 2 hours per day of "charging":
    • 365 days * 3 years * 2 hours per (windy time of) day = 2,190 W0 Hours of "operation" (pure guess for sake of math)
    • 1,320 WH per 3 years / 2,190 hours of windy operation = 0.6 Watts of average output (guessing at 2 hours a day of operation)
    So--It would appear that this wind turbine does not, on average, produce much power... Even if you assume only 3 months of "windy months"--That would only be (4x0.6w) 2.4 Watts for 2 hours per day.

    To be honest--If you have have good/clean wind (no turbulence, no upstream obstructions/trees/buildings), turbine points reliably into wind and spins pretty fast--There is probably nothing you can do to "fix" the problem--Don't know if bad alternator, "wrong" blades, turbulent air (usually recommend turbine installed at least 10 meters above ground, and 100+ meters away from any "up wind" obstructions, etc. (flying a kite near the turbine--Level at which kite is stable--is non-turbulent air).

    Can you install solar panels instead (or do you have panels already)?

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    For example, a 500 Watt array would produce (on average):
    • 500 watt array * 0.52 off grid AC system eff * 4.62 hours of sun per day (April average) = 1,201 Watt*Hours per day (April average)
    Is it possible to get the turbine working (at all)--Maybe--But the time and money required probably is not worth the effort (unless you want to try carving your own blades or find a local supplier for a new/proven/working wind turbine to mount on your existing tower).

    I suggest, at first, design and install a solar array/panels first to support your needs... And once that system is working well--Perhaps a wind turbine to cover for days of poor sun/stormy weather. But--On Average--If my guess as to your location, you are blessed with relatively high levels of average sun all year long.

    The right way to do the planning--First, measure and understand your loads and power needs (and buy the most efficient version of loads you can--It is almost always cheaper to conserve energy than it is to generate it)--Then design the power system to meet those needs.

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