Battery bank design question

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If I had a 12v battery bank lets say 4 x12v AGM 50ah batteries connected to + and - bus bars with a 12v inverter also connected to the bus bars and wanted to change that to a 24v bank but keep the inverter could I add a second bus bar just for the charge controller (Morningstar 60 MPPT controller) with the cables connected from each series to the bus bar and interconnect the batteries with a copper bar + to -

would that work?

Not ready to get rid of the inverter just yet and have the cable and copper bars already (2 gauge cable)


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    Re: Battery bank design question

    :confused: How would you run a 12 Volt inverter from a 24 Volt battery bank?

    You can't charge at 24 and run at 12. There is absolutely no way to wire a system like that.
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    Re: Battery bank design question

    Reason 1,231 why solar PV off grid system are expensive/difficult to "upgrade" to higher power levels. Fundamental changes (like battery bank voltage and solar array wattage) just do not scale very well when everything is taken into account (using existing hardware, mixing old+new, finding compatible parts several years later, etc.).

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset