cost self installed 2800 watt grid tie system

What can I expect to pay for a 2800 watt, grid tie system using quality panels and inverter. This will be a self installed system.

If you know of any good pricing please let me know.




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    Re: cost self installed 2800 watt grid tie system

    Our host Northern Arizona Wind and Sun has some pretty good prices and service. You can look through their site to set expectations.

    Of course, you will find other vendors with lower prices/end of season sales/etc. the more you look around.

    In the end, you will need to include costs of shipping/insurance for the stuff to your front door. Frequently if you purchase in full pallets, truck shipping costs go way down vs shipment/packaging of partial pallets. 200 watt solor panels are very large sheets of glass and GT inverters are not light either--all can cost significant amounts of money to ship/insure.

    Note, none of us here (other than the two Admins Rick and Windsun) are with NAWS... The rest of us here just volunteer our time to answer (and ask) questions.

    Support on this forum does not require/assume that you purchased from our host.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: cost self installed 2800 watt grid tie system

    You will also need to check with the local permit office for costs and requirements. From what I have read the permit costs vary a lot. You might want to go to magazine site and check out the latest release (or try and find it at the local book store like borders) they have a write up on self install verses contractor. In the April issue they had an article about a DIY install (granted she was being trained to be a solar installer) that had a pretty good breakdown of costs and components. I have seen other similar articles.

    Also there is a great site Build it Solar that had a write up on their own installation.
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    Re: cost self installed 2800 watt grid tie system

    Thanks for the input...

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