battery voltage after charging?

klrskiesklrskies Solar Expert Posts: 30
After charging my sealed marine battery, and letting it rest for 6 hours, it indicates a bit over 13 volts. (13.05v). I had expected it to disapate any surface charge, an be around 12.7~12.8v. Why would this battery be at this voltage?


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    Re: battery voltage after charging?

    There's a couple of possibilities here. One would be that Voltmeters are not certified by any regulatory agency to be precise in their measurements and may actually be off a few tenths of a Volt. Another (more likely) is that some companies sell "hot" batteries which have slightly higher SG and will produce slightly higher Voltage and current - and will drop dead slightly sooner than others. I can well imagine that some RV/Marine batteries are done up like this. Two tenths of a Volt I'd ignore; you can get that much variance with a Voltmeter on the same battery checked twice in a row.
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