Please help me to accomplish this lecture regarding solar panel.

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Hello everybody in this forum discussion. First I would like to thank everyone who created this forum and I would like to thank the people who make good effort to make this forum is going very well. I have asked by some young students to give lecture about solar energy using solar panel. You know my knowledge is limited even I was reading though this forum and through some threads I have got a new information but not sure if this is good for lecture. I want to give this lecture to young kids but the problem I might run into some questions that do not have immediate answer, and this is going to be embarrassing moment for me. My question dose anybody know a source of good article for lecture and some sort of video clips regarding the solar panel energy.
I appreciate your input.


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    Re: Please help me to accomplish this lecture regarding solar panel.

    You can take a look at the following, which is geared towards elementary school (age 11, approximately) in the USA.

    and look in the folder, "Solar Roof" for photovoltaics.ppt

    This presentation started by getting the students to think about how much energy familiar items use, and proceeded on to how much energy was potentially available from sunlight. The map with a blue square on it illustrates how much area *in theory* the US would need to cover with solar panels in order to supply all its electrical needs. We talked a little about why we would be unlikely to implement it that way, in practice.

    We did not discuss the details of how a solar cell works, but that might be appropriate for older students.

    However, we did discuss the economics of when it might make sense to install photovoltaic.

    I also showed a couple short video clips, maybe 60 seconds each, of the installation process, and electrolysis of water.

    It really helps the presentation if you can bring in an actual solar panel, and (say) connect it to a small fan (I used one taken out of an old computer). Then, the students can shade the panel with their hand and see and hear the change in fan speed directly.

    There is also a documentary DVD called "The Power of the Sun" that I think you can buy for $10 + shipping (I haven't confirmed this). Supposedly half price for teachers. If you have the means to go that way.
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    Re: Please help me to accomplish this lecture regarding solar panel.

    thank you very much I have looked at the link but I think I need better link than this it seems to me it is not working propely. Maybe I might search for better link at

    I appreciate your answer.