12 to 24 or 48 volt charger

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Any one use a 12 volt nominal to 24 or 48 volt battery charger? One possible future configuration I'm considering would put my battery bank on my tow vehicle so I could not only use it at home but also with my camper and other portable needs. It would be helpful to take advantage of the vehicle's alternator to help with charging if needed - depending on how big the charger is the alternator can be upgraded to several hundred amps of output fairly easily. The inverter would be 2000-2500 watts which would dictate at least a 24 volt system, and I would prefer 48 so I could put eight 6 volt batteries in series.

I know this is a specialty item in a world of off-grid specialty items, but I've seen them discussed in the past in Homepower. Didn't see any of them here at Windsun. Curious if anyone has used them and/or can recommend one.
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