Inverter Power Inconsistant......

I've noticed something in the house that makes me nervous. The power inside to things like the microwave and clocks is not always up to snuff. The micro sometimes has very low power and the electric clocks sometimes gain and lose a bunch of time. Up to an hour in 2-3 days. This seems to be consistant with the charge state of my battery banks.

Is this normal or do I have an inverter problem? I haven't actually checked the house voltages yet, but........

Also, last week, my inverter kicked out and went to error on the LED. At this point, there was NO power to the house. The battery state on the MX60 showed the battery voltage at 23.8 and this was about an hour after sundown. I fired up the old one lung Chinese diesel generator to charge and everything has been fine since, except for the house having low power at times of low battery charge. I'm going to be up in Flagstaff at NAWS soon. Is this something I need to take up with them. The inverter and controller are way less than a year old.:confused::confused::confused:

Dennis in Bagdad........


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    Re: Inverter Power Inconsistant......

    23.8 is a dead battery bank, the inverter trip off from low voltage

    Your other issues point same direction as do you other posts, your WAY under powered on the input side of the equation and your battery bank is showing this.

    More solar , more Genny time, or less loads
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    Re: Inverter Power Inconsistant......

    I'd second that emotion.

    I would look at the load side. Why, for example are you using electric clocks?
    The tiny draw requires the inverter to be on all time in a very ineffecient mode. Battery opperated clocks with rechargables would be way more effecient. Perhaps there are other loads that could be changed.

    Your cheapest energy source is cutting back the loads.


    PS As for microwaves,,, I have never figured out if Micros are more effecient than other heating appliances or ar they just faster? We don't use one, since we cook with wood/propane it keeps the need for ~1500watts off our system.
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    Re: Inverter Power Inconsistant......


    I’ll sort-of third SG’s assessment, although, of course, with a bit more discussion. ;)

    The default low-battery cut-out for your 24 V inverter is 21.0 V. Unless you’ve changed that setting, your battery bank was below 21.0 V for five minutes when the inverter disconnected. If your MX’ voltmeter read 23.8 V right after the inverter dropped off, that was because the battery voltage recovered a bit after the inverter and its downstream load was removed.

    In general, though, I’d agree that the combination of loads and incomplete charges is slowly weakening your battery bank. You’ll need to cut loads and/or generate more energy.

    Sorry about the bad news…
    Jim / crewzer
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    Re: Inverter Power Inconsistant......

    Thanks again guys. I do feel severely repremanded.

    I will definitely be adding a minimum of four more panels of the 175 watt variety. I guess my inverter is just fine.

    I'm starting to feel like the little robot from the movie Short Circuit, Jhonny Five ya know. "More input Stephanie, more input".

    No, thinking a bit harder, I'm definitely adding 6-8 of the 175's.

    The battery powered clocks don't usually have enough oomph to rattle my cage. I do shiftwork at the mine in Bagdad and don't want to mess up this late in life. Less than 6 years to go.

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