deicing control

We plan to install 2 100 ft. deicing cables at an off grid solar powered studio. Each cable is switched on by a controller that registers moisture and temperature. At start up each cable could draw 500 watt. I want to protect the system batteries (4 S460 batteries (700AH@20hr)) from being discharged below 30% of capacity. What controller can I put in line to prevent power from going to the deicing cables when battery storage is low?


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    Accurately based on state of charge... There are a few battery monitors that can turn on/off an external signal based on state of charge (I think that both series below can be programmed for variable on/off levels):
    Otherwise, you will need to use a temperature compensated voltage controller (some charge controllers may work). Or simply time it (i.e., you can run the heaters for X hours and you will need Y hours to recharge).

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