SWWP Air Breeze

I'm a new kid on the block. Yes, I'm looking a SMALL, EFFICIENT, SAFE, LOW COST, wind turbine for an RV. Yes, I've read a lot of articles on the history of the Air series and various comments about it including the person pondering why his Air X doesn't start with a "significant" wind. Personally, I think the potential for these small turbines is huge IF some of the problems, e.g. vibration, noise, and safety (no flying blades) can be effectively minimized. I like the concept of a 250w, $1000 personal wind turbine to be used in conjunction with solar arrays. Currently, I'm in an RV park in SE Wyoming with very good access to the wind, i.e. few trees or structures. At the current site within the park, I'm fairly sure that the owners of the park wouldn't allow a wind machine there. With the continual reductions in electrical consumption of electronics and appliances, a small hybrid system that includes a wind generator LIKE the Air Breeze would be workable IMHO. Personally, I wish SWWP much success with their Air Breeze, but their product must meet the aforementioned criteria. The frequent shutdowns of the Air X will likely keep me waiting and watching for a newer generation of the Air series.


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    Re: SWWP Air Breeze

    In your particular situation, I would build my own turbine. otherpower.com sells all of the components and books needed to do this. The turbine is a Hugh Piggott design and REALLY works. Hugh's axial flux design is extremely efficient and just might suit your needs. If you chose to build your own, you will gain a lot of knowledge on how a wind turbine operates. Building you own turbine is not everyones' cup of tea. Good luck to you and your wind energy endeavors.
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