Breakers and Din Fittings

Having participated in the thread (help with breakers) its just switched a light on for me.

Q1. These breakers that SG and Creezer are discussing were originally din fitting and rated for AC mains distribution boards and disconnects ?

Q2 If the DIN fitting is world universal as in europe the biggest maufacturer of AC Din fittings is Hager, and all the latest UK and Eurospec din fittings fit each others consumer boards.

Q3 Would American based 150 v rated DC Din fittings which OB and MN sell fit a UK consumer board / disconnect box?


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    Re: Breakers and Din Fittings


    A1. The “small” DC breakers sold by OutBack and Midnite Solar are from CBI in South Africa. They are DIN (Deutsche Industrie Norm, or German Industrial Standard) mount. I don’t know if they have an AC rating (but I can check later). Documentation from OutBack and MS both indicate that the breakers are rated to 150 VDC. The samples I have from MS actually carry an ETL 150 VDC label.

    The Square D QU breakers are designed for Square D load center boxes (and perhaps others) and are not DIN mount. I believe the Square D QOU breakers can be surface mounted without a load center. Both were originally designed for AC applications, and were subsequently tested and UL rated for use at up to 48 VDC. My experience is that that breakers are not labeled with the DC ratings. If required, the breakers can be ordered from Square D with an additional label for the DC specs.

    A2. N/A

    A3. Don’t know. But, here’s a link to CBI: Check the dimensional info for the “QL” frame breaker.

    I’ve got samples of both CDI and Square D QO breakers at home. Let me know if you need any additional info.

    Jim / crewzer
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    Re: Breakers and Din Fittings

    Jim my interest lies with the new DIN mount DC rated breakers from OB and MNS. If they are are universal mount this means the can be employed in various DIN ready breaker boxes readily availabe over here. The example is of a standard DIN fit European Hager 32 amp AC breaker

    The hieght of the dinrail fitting which the breaker clips on to is 1.38 inches (35mm)
    The width ofthe breaker is 0.7 inches (18mm)
    Overall hieght is 3.30inches (84mm)
    The protruding part with the switch on is 1.76 inches tall (45mm)

    The fact that DIN translates to German Industry Standard means that there most likely the same ?
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    Re: Breakers and Din Fittings

    Alas no,... on checking the CBI site you gave the din fitting might have just worked but the switch part that protrudes through the case is a lot taller than the Hager units so wouldnt fit in our consumer boxes, back to the grindstone :cry:
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    Re: Breakers and Din Fittings

    The 1.76" dimension you gave is the length of the breaker that protrudes through the panel, right? That is what I measure on our white QZD AC breakers. The DC 150V breakers are a little longer at 2.25" protruding. We have some AC breakers that are 1.76". 15A. 30A. 50A 60A, dual 30, dual 50, dual 60's. We do not have any DC breakers with the short protrution. I do not believe CBI makes any. Other than the protrution length difference and the fact that our breakers are 13mm (1/2") wide per pole, they will work for you. The din standard is the same, so see if the longer body causes a problem.
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    Re: Breakers and Din Fittings

    Robin your are correct in your asumption. Some of the simple AC disconnect boxes in Spain are molded completely in plastic including the integral din rail . Having looked at a simple hager six slot box I would be able to trim the opening fairly easily to accept these breakers. Ill keep looking and I suspect the easyiest way to progress is to order one and see what potential they have with euro spec distribution boxes.
    Thxs Nigel
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