the Simple Pump

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Anybody have experience with this Simple Pump?

I'm tired of putting motors submersed in wells, and this seems like a good way to go.


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    Re: the Simple Pump

    Check the machine shop. It's real...

    And re "modern" --- in the sense of CNC-machined, aerospace grade steel and aluminum, etc. No leather flaps and that sort of thing.

    I'm living on the edge of a small town now - on its water system. But when I can get back on to a piece of property, one of the first things I'm going to do is install one of these pumps --- hand-operated back up to the submersible which is almost bound to be there.
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    Re: the Simple Pump

    A friend has one of these and I've tried myself, so can say it is not a ripoff or anything. The manufacture of it has been updated to CNC methods as opposed to the other pumps like it I've seen that are like Amish made. I've been disappointed by a lot of pumps in my time though and am just trying to get an idea of how this will fare long term.
    Replacing submerged seals is a lot better than replacing submerged motors.
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    Re: the Simple Pump

    Bison Pumps in the state of Maine sells a similiar pump.
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    Re: the Simple Pump

    I purchased one of these. Installed it on top of my 240volt AC pump 150 feet down the 4inch pvc pipe.

    I have the hand pump and the 12v DC motor you mount on top.

    If the street voltage goes down I now have a plan B to pump water out of my well.

    Not sure what questions you might have but I do have first hand experience with this and am happy with it. I do not use it full time. Just use it to keep it ready for fulltime use.

    Also, my first post here, have not filled in my profile but I will get to it
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