Hear hoofbeats? Think horse, not zebra!

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Having lived off-grid for 7 years I always used to laugh when people mentioned about a utility outage. Last year I installed a feed in tariff 10kw system and a small load system for battery charging (power tools, popcorn and stuff).

Today I noticed a zero production flat line on my Enphase power graph (thumbnail 1). Immediately checked the envoy monitor status page and found grid instability, ac voltage out of range and frequency out of rang. Panic ensued! After checking another system like mine (as a guest view of their information...no similar flat line) I emailed a neighbour who has a system like mine, emailed the installer...figured there were major problems. Oh dear.

Now the neighbours can laugh at me...it was a utility outage of about 1 hour. It went un-noticed as the house runs off the off-grid setup and not the utility.

Hoofbeats? Think horse, not zebra! Doh!


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    Re: Hear hoofbeats? Think horse, not zebra!

    thanks for sharing that ralph as i enjoyed that story.:D
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