Parallel wiring of IOTA chargers

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Dear forum,

Due to the limited capacity of the European 220V versions of the IOTA battery chargers, I have an enquiry from a client who wants to install 2 12V/55A IOTA chargers in parallel. I don't see any problem in this but better to be safe than sorry.
Any opinion or known issues on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Parallel wiring of IOTA chargers

    Should be fine... Just keep the cables short and heavy (keep voltage drop low--I like to have 0.05 to 0.10 maximum for a 12 volt battery bank). And run the cable from the battery bank to each charger separately (Star, not Daisy Chain--so that the chargers will not interact with each other).

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    Re: Parallel wiring of IOTA chargers

    They're actually designed to be paralleled. From the blurb here:

    "There is also a special IQ4 for paralleling more than one charger - the IQ4/PAR - this is for using 2 chargers at once on a single battery bank to keep the charge stages synchronized."

    Probably a good idea to use that.
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    Re: Parallel wiring of IOTA chargers

    They can be rigged in series as well. Take a look at the last item in the list of features on this page:
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