Outback VFX 3524 will not start back up...

My Outback VFX3524 went down last night... Green battery light is ON...battery's full...charge controller fine and charging.

Inverter status has NO lights.So I re-energized ,fan starts, battery light shows green,no inverter lights at all.

Storms last night with lighting but no strikes to array.Is there an internal overload or GFIC circuit that can be owner serviced or reset????
or replacement of mother board the anwser?

My System;

Off Grid , age 18 months
1.85kw @ 46 vdc array = Kyocera Solar KD-185Gx 185 Watt 23 volts DC
Xantrex XW-MPPT60-150 Charge controller
840 amp/hr bank @ 24vdc

Any help would be a blessing.

Thanks denziel56
High Deserts of West Texas


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    Re: Outback VFX 3524 will not start back up...

    Unfortunately, losing the output stage of an AC inverter is one of their most common failures from lightning storms (from what our host has said before).

    Perhaps a call to Outback may offer some help from their side.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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