battery switch ?

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I have a 1 2 1+2 350 amp battery disconnect and was wondering if I could use it to control both my cc battery input and the output to my inverter. I figure that #1 could go to inverter, 2 from cc and common to battery.I would just leave it set to 1+2 for normal battery charging and inverter usage. Are there any problems with this. Should I have a seperate fuse for both the cc in and inverter out, or could I just use one on the battery + cable before it attaches to the switch/ disconnect.
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    Re: battery switch ?

    Yes, you could do this. I'm not sure what advantage it would give you. A dual disconnect?
    Also you have to remember that this is the same as extending the battery post to the switch. Putting an "extra" fuse on the positive line at the battery would be good. Then the line from the switch to the charge controller should be fused as well as the one to the inverter.