inverter questions

If the max dc input is 150 - 550 for a inverted will a 90 vdc Pma gen do any thing


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    Re: inverter questions

    Not really...

    Are you looking for Wind or Water turbine connected to Grid Tied System?

    There are a few units out there (like Windy Boy from SMA) that do connect to wind turbines.

    And there are other GT inverters that run at lower voltages that may support you experimenting with a PMA/Rectified generator...

    Is is legal to take a non-Listed Inverter or a GT inverter that is not listed for PMA non-solar input--probably not.

    The big problem with wind/water turbines is that need to be electrically loaded 100% of the time or they can over-speed.

    There are other ways of doing Turbine to GT connections--The most straight forward is using something like the Xantrex XW Hybrid inverter... It will do GT with a DC battery bank--and you could connect your turbine to charge the battery bank.... Not cheap though.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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