Wanted opinion on wire

I have access to a quantity of the below wire @ .30/foot . I'm looking to use it for a 24v air-x @75 feet wire length. Any opinions on sutability.

6 AWG Single Conductor
Stranded Copper
Appliance Wire

6 AWG (133/27)TC
150 C 15KV

Thanks Winddummy1


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    Re: Wanted opinion on wire

    Should be more than capable. the wire coming out of my air-x is only 10ga.
    and i haven't had any problems on a run of 50'

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    Re: Wanted opinion on wire

    Two things I would be careful of...

    1) UV Resistance... Silicone is supposed to be excellent at resisting UV. However, without knowing the exact specs of your wire, I would probably recommend that you not expose it to sun unless you find that it is rated for sun/weather exposure (call mfg or look at their web site).

    2) Abrasion Resistance... Silicone jackets are usually pretty soft--be careful around sharp edges and make sure that it is well tied off (windmill will probably create a lot of vibration).

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    Re: Wanted opinion on wire

    Surprisingly air-x's have very little vibration. they have the ultra light
    carbon fiber blades and the shaft runs on fairly large bearings.


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    Re: Wanted opinion on wire

    it might surprise everybody that there is a voltage drop in any wire that carries current reguardless of the power source. being the airx regulates at the wind genny itself means you don't have much room to work with. even with a remote regulator you might not have much to regulate with a large voltage drop. when the airx is lucky enough to produce high currents it would be negated by a voltage drop. for a 75ft run of #6 the drop is around 2v just before cutoff wind speed is reached. listing this as a percentage like for pvs would be around 17%. even #0 would yield a 1/2v drop for a bit over 4%. i did this with a current rating of 30amps which should be under the max current before cutoff. at 24v this current would be cut in half thusly making the voltage drop 1/2 of that of the 12v calculation.
    at 50ft of #10 you would have a drop of about 1 and 2/3s volts dropped at about 14% near the top end of production for the airx.
    halving the current through the wire will halve the voltage drop in volts as well as the percentage. lower currents and voltages aren't what you bought it for.
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