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So, after much preparation and work, i finally got the panels installed, and all the "other stuff". When i was running my MC4 wire ( which by the way, I don't understand why they don't make it like an extension cord with 2 wires together, so you're really running just 1 wire instead of 2 "separate wires), but anyway, as I was running the MC4, I kept marking my "plus" wire so when i got to the end I would have my polarity correct. I realized that I didn't have to do that, but all I had to do was a continuity check by bringing the end of the MC4 up to the panel and marking just the end when i correctly had the continuity. After I did this, I put my meter on the ends of the MC4 just to look at what I was producing in the way of volts and amps. I "assumed" that I should put the plus from the meter to the plus wire and same with the negative. I did that and got a reading. my surprise ( not an electrician here), I got the same reading off my meter when I switched the wires from my meter and put the plus (red) from my meter to the neg MC4 wire. So I got the same readings off the panel into the meter no matter if I put pos to pos, or... pos to neg. Again, not an electrician here, but does that sound right. Doesn't sound "logical" to me. ????????


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    Re: amps and volts

    Digital multimeters will read current in either direction and Voltage as either positive or negative. It's likely you didn't notice the little "-" show up on the display.

    MC connectors are polarized so they will only connect + to - for easily constructing strings. The extension cables are likewise made single to bring string ends to combiner boxes. Equipment tends to be designed for what the majority of installs are expected to be. Converting extension cables to pigtails for connecting to other wire for downleads is just a shortcut over buying connectors and wire separately and making your own cables.
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