2.8kW PV finally installed!

stephendv Solar Expert Posts: 1,571 ✭✭
All the pieces have come together and I have my complete off-grid system installed now :D
  • 12 x Yingli 235W modules for 2.82kW of installed PV wired in 4 strings of 3 panels. 100Vmp for each string in summer.
  • Morningstar 60A MPPT charge controller
  • 5 PzS 700 700Ah (C5) traction batteries from Sunlight.gr
  • SMA Sunny Island 5048, 5kW inverter with a shunt installed so that its internal SoC can keep track of the energy coming in through the morningstar controller
  • 5kW diesel generator from Volvox Engineering (rebadged Vidhata generator from India) with a Deapsea 3110 controller
  • Mounting structure DIY from aluminium tubing, 60x40x2mm.

Should provide around 6kWh/day in december.