OCDs for mulitple charge controllers

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Do I need to have a complete separate set of over current devices or disconnects for multiple charge controllers? As an example, I am intending to install 2000 watts of PV for a customer, and add a second Outback charge controller to their existing set up. I know I need OCDs or disconnects for the PV in and PV out, but do I need an additional GFCI? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    Re: OCDs for mulitple charge controllers

    It's all got to be according to plan.
    If you have an existing array and charge controller and you add a second array and controller it's just like two independent systems right up to where they both connect to the same battery bank and ground post. Whatever circuit protection is required for the first will be required for the second, as per NEC, local code, and inspector's whims (as applicable). This would include any required DC GFCI.