Solar System on beach?

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Does salt water can cause damage for solar system ?


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    Re: Solar System on beach !
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    Does salt water can cause damage for solar system ?

    Salt water gets into the air and makes it corrosive to all metal.
    Aluminium, like the frames and mounts, will hate salty air. So will any other exposed bits like bare copper grounding wires, aluminium equipment cases, copper wire lugs, lead battery posts, et cetera.

    We have a saying in Interior BC: never buy a boat from the coast. :roll: The corroded mess they become after brief use in salt water without a lot of clean-up maintenance is a nightmare. The engines need to have their cooling systems flushed with lots of fresh water after every outing.

    Stainless steel is not much effected by it, but any metal that can corrode will corrode - rapidly - if exposed to salt water/salty air. If I were to attempt such an install I'd be heavy on the dielectric grease on every connection and probably paint the panel frames & racks very, very carefully.
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