XW 6048 / XW MPPT 60 - Grid Support?


I have an XW 6048 inverter with a XW MPPT 60 charge controller. My problem is that when my MPPT60 enters the "no float" stage it does not pass any excess power to the inverter and thus the grid.
*During the bulk and absorption stage the grid support works normally however during the "no float" stage the 2200 watt array output drops to 80 watts.

On the XW 6048 -
charger - OFF
grid support is - ON
grid support voltage currently - 52.5V

On the MPPT -
2 stage charge setting

Any insight or comments are appreciated.


  • Joe_BJoe_B Solar Expert Posts: 318 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Re: XW 6048 / XW MPPT 60 - Grid Support?

    You should set the MPPT to 3 stage mode so it enters float. Set the XW charger to 2 stage no float. Set recharge volts of MPPT to max. This way it will always charge from the MPPT first.
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