Enphase in LADBS

Hello all I am new to this forum. Does anybody know why the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety is not currently allowing Enphase to be installed in their jurisdiction. I am looking at installing the micro invertr on a project and just found out there is an NEC issue.


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    Re: Enphase in LADBS

    I am not sure... There has been some issues in L.A. about the number of installs and amount of money (or lack of money) to fund rebates:


    With 2,000 more requests in process, the demand for rebates has far exceeded our current budget for the program, restricting our ability to pay out rebates in a timely manner as well as contributing to safety problems. This record demand requires LADWP to review and revise the program to better serve its program participants. LADWP has stopped accepting new reservation requests for at least 90 days, effective at 11:59 p.m. Friday, April 8, 2011, while we revise the program to better serve participants and reflect current solar PV market conditions. All confirmed reservations and applications that have a postmark date no later than April 8, 2011 will continue to be processed normally.
    Please continue to check this website for updates to the program, including the re-launch date when it becomes available. For additional information, you may also send an email to [email protected] or call the Solar Hotline at (213) 367-4122.
    Does not appear to be an Enphase related issue... And, I am not aware of any specific Enphase or general micro inverter installation / safety issues (not that I am plugged into any safety/inspection programs).

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    Re: Enphase in LADBS

    Are you still having issues? I remember running into a problem with the building dept but I talked may way into a permit. Sometimes they get confussed and need to be educated.
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    Re: Enphase in LADBS

    The LADWP fiscal budget renews on July1, 2011 so they will have the money to pay new rebates on a first come basis. I hope so we have a 237 kW system we just brought online.

    As far as the Enphase LADBS situation goes. After spreaking to Enphase they are aware of the situation and are working on it. From what I can gather it looks like a certification issue either on a component level or on the composite system level. Either way Enphase said they would contact me when the situation is cleared up.

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