Dual Flexmax 60's on One Inverter

i am getting ready to order 6 more panels and an extra flexmax 60. does anyone have any diagrams or tips on how to hook up 2 charge controllers to a single outback 3524 inverter? i appreciate any input


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    Re: Dual Flexmax 60's on One Inverter

    Okay, nomenclature.
    Charge controllers do not connect to inverters, per se; they connect to batteries. The batteries do not care how many charge controllers are supplying them with current, neither does the inverter.

    Unless you mean how to connect the Outback communication network. In that case you need a HUB and a MATE or MATE II (or MATE III now). In that case you follow the included instructions. MATE plugs in to one port, inverter another, charge controllers in to 3 and 4. "Polling" should bring up each unit it and allow you to coordinate the different devices.

    And that's about as deep in to it as we're going to get here, because the programming manual looks like a sequel to Tolstoy's "War And Peace". :p You need the install manuals too. It's a lot of reading and re-reading.
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    Re: Dual Flexmax 60's on One Inverter

    Oh sorry. What I meant was how to install to my epanel.
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    Re: Dual Flexmax 60's on One Inverter

    I have 2 Flexmax 80's a hub and no mate. In the morning they both bulk charge then when they reach absorb, the slave only absorbs for a few minutes. The master, determined by the hub, will go through its normal time. The slave goes to float and at the end of this time shows charged. I have been wondering if I had a mate if their times would be closer to the same time on each step of charging. My system seems to be working fine. We were close to the tornado path here in Tennessee on April 27th and with out grid power for 6 days. I had no problem running my house on a reduced power load, but did notice as I ran my batteries down closer to 60% some that the slave did seem to have a longer absorb time. Even though we lost most of our larger trees and have to have a roof replaced my home made ground mounts of 12 Kyocera PV's made it through. Don't know if that helps.
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