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Thread: Battery Capacity calculations

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    Well, opinions do differ on the exact max charge rate available from PV. My system calculates to be about 4% of capacity from PV. Do have generators and chargers here, that can do about 13% charge rate without any PV input. To me, if one's system reaches Float almost every day, the occasional need for 10-ish% rate can be provided by gensets and AC chargers. Some battery manufacturers recommend occasional high-rate charge (C/10), to renew plate exposure to the electrolyte, thus maintaining capacity.

    This approach works for my system with my batteries. Batteries do need more charge as they age, as they become somewhat less eficient. Will add some more PV to systems here, but this is not due to need, just doing the addition because it is fun, and can reverse even more of my previous conservation measures.

    Different battery technologies can have somewhat different needs. And, always consult the battery manufacturer's data for information on any specific battery. YMMV, Vic
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    Lee - thanks for the spell check!

    I have the week off work so I'll see if i can get more tweaks built into the calculator this week :)

    I also got my 400w of solar panels mounted.. so ill do a little post with pics once i finish "prettying" up the wiring :)

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