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  • Re: 24 to 48 volt upgrade

    You are right on that speed issue...  this is the thing that WDoz does faster, don't know about Linux,  heavy data (number) crunching especially when you have multiple data bases that are measured in Mega bytes... and compared to my last project, before throwing in the towel, his was simplistic.  Took us ~ 3 years to build and proof the data ( all map based, multi layers)  kinda liked that part!
    PS 5.5 yup still got the CD..
  • Re: Remote monitoring??

    Digital Data, ie bits and bytes 'only' is a lot less demand than a picture... or sound.... 

    What does 1/2  a phone call look like???  :o
  • Re: lost capacacity

    If it does NOT start to charge, the next beating will start promptly at Noon next Saturday!  ;) with a bigger hammer
  • Re: Is this battery price too good to be true?

    only till the indoor plumbing goes in.....
  • Re: Can grounding *invite* surges?

    than ks Dave..  just 2 weeks ago , days before this onslaught,  our neighbourhood Helicopter base erected a new comm tower...  we watched it go up and left for grits etc, and came back 3 days later to....No Tower???  Bino's out , no tower, the next day it went back up and we overheard on the ICOM that  '' it looks like it was only the radio equipment that got nailed''   Yup 2days before it got blasted, now I watch the show at night  waiting to witness the ;fireworks, We are happy to have a higher sacrificial lamb up there on the ridge !!