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  • Re: AGM Battery Charateristics?

    Here is a whole page of VRLA  documents if you have a few hours


  • Re: Need advice...

    You need to read the manuals for you CC and the panels lots of detail there between the 2.
  • Re: Energy efficient and secure routers?

    I don't fully know and no time right now to research, but , Look at DDWRT, a Linux based hack for specific Cisco routers and some others.  I have it on 2 of mine and found it very intuitive to work with, especially being a real router newbie..

  • Re: 3 months no grid power, you all saved me

    H-G can you please add a description of your system as it is now. to your signature line..
    For example, I saw that you were looking at an AIMS inverter and then there was Xantrex mentioned...  that way everybody, new and old,  will all be able to see just what worked for you.
    Good to know it worked as or better than planned.
  • Re: Battery use and lifespan

    There's a cool phone app called Solar Tilt. It will give you the perfect tilt from your exact location, or any latitude, today
    Just loaded it up and I like it.... but I did notice one discrepancy: I looked at the seasonal tilt  for Winter and it gave me  70.4* as the OPTIMAL,then I did the daily (today, November 26) and it gives me a higher angle 73.6*.... So I checked  Dec 1, and got 75.0*,   the Winter Solstice on Dec 21 got 76.3*,  , Nov 1, got 68.4*, Oct 22, got 65.2*...

    Moral of the story is you have to decide which season you want to optimize for... up here I would (did) choose as steep as I can get so i can max out in the depths of winter..